Haunting of Hill House Ending Explained

All four siblings reach the house with their father. Steven and Hugh try to enter the red room, but are unable to. The door then opens, long enough for Steven to see Luke on the floor and for him to enter to save his brother. He is then knocked out and enters a fantasy reality… Continue reading Haunting of Hill House Ending Explained

But can they end the franchise?

A little piece on the problems in The last Jedi and Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindlewald - since they have so many similarities in the things that people and myself found problematic. Although the movies are indeed very different from each other, in terms of creation and execution. Thats not to say that people did… Continue reading But can they end the franchise?

Detective Pikachu, Trailer Impression

Oh. My. God.   So, finally we are getting a pokemon live action movie. A western, Hollywood made pokemon live action movie. Ever since the Pokemon Apokelypse fan trailer came out, pokemon fans have asked for a good, gritty, somewhat imbibed in reality pokemon movie. That is a pokemon universe different from the ones in… Continue reading Detective Pikachu, Trailer Impression