What could the MCU do next?

Endgame is done. Whats next?

Spoilers for the entire MCU ahead. This piece is merely wishful thinking. I dont think MCU would go this direction anyway. But if it were up to me, this is how things would go now that our OG avengers have done their duty.

Thank you Avengers

My lineup, so to speak, will more or less. mirror the roles the OG 6 played, simply because I think that the earlier planned dynamic was prefect and well balanced. Also, I read the comic books about 20 or so years ago, when I was a little kid and in no particular order. So I am rusty on my comic book knowledge and am going on mostly what was shown or alluded to in the movies, and whatever I could find online. And now the New Avengers. The Nevengers? The Avengers Gen II? The Avengers Gen Z?

Dr Strange

I mean, its only fitting that Benedict Crumplebottom leads the pack after RDJ dont you think? After all, they are basically the same person in two parallel universes? Some little Sherlock Holmes humor for you there. And they both have the same facial hair. But I am not trying to replace Iron Man with Doctor Strange. When I saw Doctor Strange, I felt it was an ok movie. He is smart. He is a well known surgeon and basically a genius in his field. He is older and experienced. Very much like Iron Man, he is a man who is more or less an expert in his field, has a non super hero romantic interest in Dr Christine Palmer, who works in the same line of work as him, and doesnt take his bullshit like Pepper. He has suffers a severe accident that renders him helpless. His accident forces him to re-evaluate his life and slowly piece himself together back up again. After the accident he is devastated as his expertise is taken away from him. But much like Yinsen, a mentor like the Ancient One showed him that there is another way he can be useful. His motivations like Iron Man have also been to help people. He is cocky but also has the smarts to back it up. While he speaks lesser than Tony, he doesnt hold back when it comes to a disagreement and is quite assertive when he believes in something. He also has a sense of humor. He too, as he loses his mentor, continues to keep doing what he thinks is right. Not to mention, he was introduced in the MCU at a fairly comfortable point. His involvement so far has been minimal but enough to establish him as a character with depth and some semblance of a superhero lifestyle. While he does not have a lab like Tony, he has a vast library, and instead of Physics, his trade is Magic. Though, one place where they severely differ could be Strange’s tendency to go for an outcome that is for the greater good. Something we already know Stark and Strange disagreed on. Since the newer stories would not focus on the infinity stones, Dr Strange could be given a story of looking for a greater purpose in his life since he does not have to protect the time stone anymore. And his quest for his ‘destiny’ could be his detriment as he would choose the greater outcome over, even maybe, saving lives. And thats where the second co leader of the group comes in.

Black Panther

T’challa lost his father in Captain America Civil War. While he had spent his life in preparation for becoming the next Black panther, he did not want it this way. Now he is king for an entire kingdom teeming with quite possibly the most advanced technology in the world. Soon after, his entire world is shattered as he is told that his father’s ideologies are built on the murder of his own blood. He is forced to reevaluate himself and comes face to face with one of the best villains of marvel. And through this ordeal, T’challa grows. Grows into an even better leader. A real King. He learns that he cannot be selfish towards the needs of Wakanda and that the outside world is just as important. While I feel Wakanda tech is overpowered too, maybe greater threats from space or the past (since time travel is now a thing), can render it useless against the new villains. In my opinion, T’Challa is the perfect counter to Strange’s quest of looking for a greater purpose. He spent his life thinking that he had a greater purpose. But now he realizes that there are people outside Wakanda that need their help. You know, watching out for the little guy. He spends his days after Endgame, going on secret missions like Nakia, to rescue and help those in need, all around the world. While he doesnt necessarily hide his identity as the Black Panther, he chooses not to let people know who is helping them. I think in this regard, it would be interesting to see both T’Challa and Strange take up a more reserved approach to being a super hero. In contrast to Tony brazenly inviting villains, giving out his home address on the news. Also, talking about Nakia. Another love interest that does not feel gratuitous. Neither Nakia nor Christine need to be part of the main avengers team. But they can be introduced as needed. Nakia more or less seems to be the person who gets T’Challa out of trouble in the solo movies. Lupita Nyong’O’s chemistry with Chadwick Boseman is brilliant and her embodiment of the character on screen is no less than of a true Queen, a leader. Not to mention, they also have enough tension to keep their personal storyline going with Nakia’s unwillingness to marry T’Challa and be the queen of Wakanda. She is also shown to be independent enough to have her own story going on outside the avengers without the need of introducing her in the main story line and eventually ending up side lining her. She is smart, strong, and very resourceful. But I think she is more useful not being part of the avengers. Besides, a romantic story line between two main characters should be avoided altogether in my opinion. The only reason I didnt mind Hulk and Widow was because they never explicitly talked about it. But in T’Challa and Nakia’s case, that nonchalant treatment to their relationship would be rude. Besides, we need to reserve some drama for the solo Black Panther films. I also think that the straight laced T’Challa would be the perfect complement to the only slightly more witty Dr Strange.

Captain Marvel

While I understand that she is possibly the next leader of the team in the MCU, in my opinion she should not be. Not at all. Not because she is a woman, or that her origin story movie fell short in comparison to our duo leaders up there, but because she is simply too overpowered. She is what Thor had been in the last team. She is strong, so strong. Like a God. Her powers are not clearly defined and come from the Tesseract, an infinity stone. Now, whether the infinity stones are still part of the story going forward or not, it would not affect Carol Denvers as much. She absorbed the powers so even if the stones are not part of the story, her powers would not go away. After the Captain Marvel movie, I had a certain image of Carol Denvers in my head. While the movie was severely lacking in giving Denvers a personality, I had a basic idea of what they were trying to put across. So at least my interpretation of Denvers on an off day, is like Thor and the playboy side of Tony combined. She is a God like creature who has no leader. She comes and goes as she pleases and no one has the powers or the guts to question her. The only person she listens to, or really give any attention to is Fury. In fact, in the later movies, say we find out that the only reason she even visits Earth at all is because of Fury and Monica Rambeau, her best friend’s daughter. Maria, her best friend would be super old now. And her death could be the catalyst that throws Denvers completely off the edge. She doesnt hide her identity either. People love her. Every single one of her visits are a nightmare to the new SHIELD’s PR department. In fact, the new SHIELD could be called something else too. Maybe something from the comics. Men and women are crazy about her and she is as detached as you could be from your human side after spending a long lonely life in space. Her behavior is the same in every planet and universe too, putting Star Lord’s romantic endeavors to shame. But Maria’s death, or even Fury (if Sam Jackson decides to retire from super hero movies, I hope he doesnt, but still) could be what changes her and helps her grow and reevaluate her life decisions. This could also show her evolve morally as she questions her past decisions and whether her interference was always needed in those other worlds. She is brash and headstrong and doesnt listen to anybody putting her at odds with T’Challa and Strange constantly.

Ant Man

They would need to come up with a story line to show him invested in the whole super hero stuff. Cause so far his conflicts have been resolved. He might not return at all, who knows. But if he does, I want him to have an arc wherein he feels pressured to fill into Cap’s shoes. While everyone at SHIELD/Avengers understand that Cap passed his shield on to Falcon, Scott Lang is always on edge when it comes to anything relating to Cap’s legacy. He was a die hard fan after all. This also puts a strain on his relationship with Hope and Cassie. While his personal life does not have much conflict or solo movie villains, he looks for trouble purposefully in order to save people and be more like Cap. He constantly tries to emulate Steve Rogers to everyone’s chagrin and is perpetually in disagreement with Falcon. He also tries to put Falcon down every time Falcon tries to make his own decision and not do -what Cap would have done. He and Falcon can present two sides of being people mentored by Cap and what it meant to both of them. Not to mention, both have a bit of history together. Scott never makes Sam forget that he kicked Falcon’s ass even before Cap asked him to join his side in Civil War.


They already alluded to him being the next Captain America. I dont think he should be. He can stay Falcon. I quite like him like that. They could give him a costume upgrade with the shield maybe. Or even change his name, but I dont think the original avengers should be touched. Anthony Mackie is great as Falcon. He has brought that character to life and I think naming him the next Captain America is a disservice to both Cap’s dedication to humanity and Sam Wilson’s character. Also it was a little strange that Cap chose Falcon and not Bucky. Although it makes sense from future movies point of view, its a little out of bounds for the character of Steve Rogers, but oh well. Maybe they could use it show Falcon’s inner conflict. How he is constantly expected to do what Cap would. People seem to automatically assume he is the new Cap but he wants to hold on to his own identity. He might even act out just to prove people wrong. He is tired of hearing about Cap and while he was his good friend and mentor in many ways,he slowly becomes sick of Steve Rogers. They could also show him visiting Cap in his lowest moments, seeking guidance and just his company to feel like the old days again. Maybe when Cap passes away, he is brought back to his senses. That would be an interesting character arc.


This one depends on how much they choose to age him. Because if he is still in highschool then his arc would more or less be reduced to proving himself in front of the new avengers. Besides I always imagined Spiderman to be a neighborhood hero. Unless of course they upgrade him with Wakanda tech or make him and Shuri the next technology experts for the new avengers in place of Tony Stark and Banner. Well, mostly Stark. Because the heroes do need someone who is in charge of their gadget and super suit needs. They could also show him as tinkering with his Iron Spider suit and messing things up mid battle. That or Shuri making small changes to his suit again and again and not telling him. I would love to see him geek out over vaibranium tech with Shuri and she could be like a mentor to him after Stark.

Scarlet Witch

Shes too strong to simply sit on the sidelines. She can be the hero who is always reluctant to participate but cannot watch people in danger when she knows she is strong enough to protect them. I would love to see her interact with Dr Strange and the whole group calling them weirdos. However, since Endgame, her one aim has been to be as less involved in super hero saving action as possible. It is near impossible to get her out in the field. She is also extremely protective over Spiderman and projects her own brother on him a lot. She doesnt like talking about Vision and has a general – all men are lesser than him, but he wasnt a man to begin with- attitude. They could actually use the bubbly Spiderman to help her open up a bit again and help her move on from the friends she lost. Her story could reflect the fans unable to move on from the previous avengers. In fact, I feel most of these heroes could have an arc of wanting to come out of the previous heros’ shadows but at the same time respect and honor their legacy.

But there is one big flaw with my lineup. These characters are too mature. They have gone through a lot. The charm of the original avengers lay in the fact that we grew with them. Since the first avengers movies, and even their own solo movies, they always had things to learn. Also, unless they bring in any characters from Guardians in to avengers permanently, they will be doing away with the ‘Fish out of water’ scenario altogether. The theme they had with Thor and Steve in the previous movies. Both men, in a strange time and world they did not fully understand. Of course I am not creative enough to come with the same snappy and funny banter like the writers of the original characters, I am hoping they could maintain that with the new team. MCU movies are fun because they know how to have levity even in the worst situations. Because their characters are at odds with each other. Thats why I tried putting in heroes with contrasting ideologies, giving them all room to grow. While T’Challa and Strange would not have a conflict or a relationship like Stark and Cap, I think they both make good leaders. Something Ant Man and Falcon might fall short of, despite being two people who have more reason to buttheads than the previous two. Also, we might not even need leaders on the team at all. Or a complete reversal would be putting Ant Man and Falcon on the helm. They are both actors who are also good at comedic relief. All comes down to the wonderful writing team at Marvel.

Also, no more time travel. they need to do something to take care of that.

I think the Guardians should continue to do their own adventures in space without involving earth. Though I wish Cap Marvel would do the same, it is not possible since her own arc so far seems to be about rediscovering her own humanity. Thor has been announced to get his own movie again, and with Waititi at the helm, it would probably be another fun banger set in space.

The new characters Marvel plans on introducing to the MCU


Shang Chi

I dont know why. I am the least stoked about this one. Because magic was fine, but vampires. Vampires? No. Just no. If anything Blade should be part of the xmen. But they did do Scarlet Witch fine, so maybe, they could make it work.Who knows. I really think they should re consider this.

Ms Marvel

Secondary Characters

These are characters from the previous avengers movies and the solo movies. I think they should be secondary characters simply to distance the new avengers from the old ones as much as possible.


Hulk/Bruce Banner


The Wasp

Happy Hogan

Rhodes/ Iron Patriot

Kate Bishop




Bucky/Winter Soldier

Christine Palmer



Everett K Ross


Maria Rambeau



These can be the villains of the upcoming solo movies, or even the new avengers movies. Even for psuedo-avengers movies like Captain America Civil War. Again, just wishful thinking from my limited knowledge of the original content in the comics.

Karl Mordo

Why not?


Red Skull




These are just pointless ramblings of a fan unable to move on from the Infinity Saga. While they hold little to no substance, I couldnt help but imagine where the MCU would go next. I might not be invested in these as much as the original characters, but it would still be fun to visit their universe again.

What do you think?

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