Top Romantic Movies of all Time

Valentines day is upon us. Belch. I could be childish and make a top break up/revenge movies of all time, or top solo movies of all time. But for the first time in a long time, I will try to be mature and post movies with a genuine, heart felt and moving romantic story. That means it also includes tragedies. Though I could just make a list of only romantic tragedies. No, we are not doing that. Also, since this is for Valentines day, I avoided movies that focus more on friendships or familial love. Some other day. I tried to avoid spoilers, but most of them are quite old. So with the utmost restraint, and in no particular order, avoiding controversy, following is my list of Top Romantic Movies of All Time.

About Time

This was the first one I could think of. Surprise surprise, despite my very vocal hate on romantic comedies, I actually quite like this one. In fact, I have seen it about a million times. While it has its fair shares of with great power comes great responsibility moments. for a large part, the movie is about this under confident time travelling guy trying to win over his crush in pretty much harmless ways. While the movie was criticized for its stalker like protagonist, I thought it was cute. Besides its a fantasy film.


Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. Combine that with romance and Matthew Vaughn’s style of movie making, you get a satirical fantasy romance saga that spans the skies, the stars and an entire kingdom hidden behind a crumbling wall next to a small English village. Not to mention its got Daredevil in it.


I absolutely love romantic stories involving kids. Not in a way which would get me arrested, but because they are absolutely adorable. They are often about one developing a crush on another and carrying out all sort of childish antics and innocent schemes to win the other person over. But this one is a bit different. While movies with love stories based on kids are often about them being simply cute and lovable and often transitions into them being adults and reconnecting, this one is about a couple growing up together. Both in age and in personality. About love and hate and about never judging a book by its cover.

The Big Sick

As someone who comes from a traditional Asian family and someone who has lived in the west for some part of my life, this rings just a little too close to home. While I dont know if I would end up happy or not, it was nice to see someone take the gamble and pursue his love irrespective of what his family thought. And in a realistic way too. True story.

Ruby Sparks

This one is something that I consider to be a bit of uncanny valley. Its fiction yet very realistic in discussing how relationships can be abusive without actually mentally or physically assaulting someone in the conventional way. But even if you are being harmful to someones existence, its not impossible to improve on oneself and find a way to love each other non destructively.

Pride and Prejudice

This one is a bit of guilty pleasure. It is, in my opinion, the utmost romantic fantasy. Tall grim handsome rich guy falls for your inner charm even though you are a tomboy (well according to the times at least). I mean, name one person who hasnt thought this way after reading the book. I have watched every adaptation in existence but Matthew Macfayden is my version of Mr Darcy. While highly unrealistic, stories like these are not entirely unheard of IRL. Given their character flaws though, you cant help but feel that they are in fact perfect for each other.

500 Days of Summer

And now, lets end on a sad note. I am kidding, this is not even the worst. Its a fun movie. And surprisingly, very realistic. I was mad after watching this movie, I was younger and was expecting a typical rom com ending. But not every ‘I love you’ warrants a reply and this movie shows that beautifully.


Though this movie is quite cliched and nothing new in terms of its material, this was one of the earliest Japanese movies I ever watched. For some reason, getting started in Japanese cinema, I had only ever watched tragedies and this one just stuck with me the longest. Its a beautiful movie but I like it more for nostalgia. Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura are some of my favorite Japanese actors, partly due to this movie.

Bridge to Terabithia

This one. Just. If you havent seen it. Watch it. The perfect blend of real life and fantasy, both in visuals and in its story. Sometimes life sucks. And there is nothing you can do about it. Emotions run high in this movie, and its almost fascinating how you can show such a pure innocent love between characters at such a young age. Where they dont understand much but simply enjoy each others company. Isnt that what love is really all about anyway?

What do you think?

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