BTS Love yourself in Seoul film

Loophole. I call this a loophole. It’s not technically a K-pop post. Still a movie review. Since they made a movie of the concert.

Love Yourself in Seoul (Hangul: 러브 유어셀프 인 서울; RR: Leobeu Yueoselpeu in Seoul), also known as BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul, is a concert film by South Korean boy band BTS. The film takes place during the August 26, 2018 show of the band’s Love Yourself Tour at Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Its distribution is handled by Fathom Events and Pathé Live.[

It was released on January 26, 2019, for one day only in 102 countries around the world.

This movie is for the fans. Its a concert shot in film format and presented on a cinema screen. But it is essentially just a recording of their live concert in Seoul. This movie is not for the casual movie goer. You cannot even call it a music documentary. If anything, on BTS and Bighit’s part, I guess its just a way to make concerts more accessible to people who are unable to go. Their world tour is often limited given their popularity. And it definitely costs much less to release it as a film worldwide. Not even sure why I am writing this, it was only released for one day.

But as for a review, it was fun. now reviews are not objective. People might claim theirs to be, but they are not. Its impossible to give an objective view on something as a fan unless you are someone who has actually studied film for a long time and have enough experience to write a critique. A critique mind you, not a review. So for my review, this ‘movie’ was fantastic. Its a great experience for fans to get to see what is closes to a BTS concert. Most of it is shot in closeups of the members performing on stage. There are wide shots of the crowds occasionally. I went for an early morning show, so there were only a handful of people. I am sure the film would have been more fun with more people in the hall. Though bookings did show bigger crowds in later shows. BTS is not mainstream in my country and even less in my city. I think it was remarkable that they even released this movie in smaller cities.

As for the movie, I wish, I really really wished I could see in screen X. I have seen other people online talk about it and it sounds amazing. I can only imagine what its like watching any big summer blockbuster in such a theater. But even in 2D, it was quite enjoyable. The song setlist after the first one follows a consistent theme. It starts with songs of love and crooning. A lot of their older singles were performed as medleys. But with their most recent solo tracks, the theme moves on to songs of loving yourself. This is very much in line with the message they have put across all year in 2018.

Along with the several records they broke last year, both in Kpop and the worldwide music industry, they also broke the record of Largest Worldwide Event Cinema Release after being screen in 3,800 cinemas and 95 countries. The movie has made 13.4 million USD worldwide so far. Though this cannot be called as a gateway movie for BTS, it was still a fun watch for the fans.

Each rated out of 5

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