Tramps Review

This movie has 96% rating on rotten tomatoes. Whatever comedy or romance the other fans found in this movie, it was all lost on me. Pity cause I actually thought the lead actors did a fairly decent job.

Tramps is a 2016 American comedy film directed by Adam Leon and starring Callum Turner and Grace Van Patten. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. It was released on April 21, 2017, by Netflix.

The movie spends a lot of time with Callum Turner’s character Danny. They do a good job of portraying his circumstances as suffocating. Justifying his choices throughout the movie. The way each scene at his house is structured, really drives in the idea that he is suffocating where he is. He wants to be a chef but feels he doesn’t have the means or the drive to do so. He gets a call from his brother in the holdup, asking him to deliver a suitcase. No questions asked. It is there that he meets Van Pattern’s Ellie. She is a no nonsense just wants to get the work done kind of gal. But because a mix-up, the duo end up searching all over the city for the suitcase. They wind up at a rich house, have fun using the owner’s belongings when they are not there. They end up staying overnight. While Danny comes off as a bit awkward and dorky to Ellie, they soon warm up to each other and strike a friendship. After sharing their dreams, they leave and locate the suitcase in the (….check where it was). There is not much to the story. This isn’t a movie full of antics of an unlikely duo rampaging around New York City for the missing package. While the character’s chemistry is great, it did not feel like a character driven movie either. In fact, I am not sure what the movie was about really.

It has so many long takes and tracking shots of people just walking through and talking. Well really just the two leads. But the dialogue falls flat and renders these long takes emotionless. The actors shine when it comes to longing looks, but the dialogue is trite, shallow and pointless. While the movie is more or less to the point, this one is a good example of how dialogue can make or break a story. The plot is not convoluted and is just about similar to a fan fiction style story. The movie looks great though. It seems to encapsulate the visuals of New York pretty well. It was quite close to the impressions I had about New York city too. Richer people living in suburbs and the middle class people living in the busy city. Some great shots of the characters walking in natural lighting through, talking. But I think Call me by Your Name did it better when it came to beautiful scenery. Unfortunately it does not feel like the focus of the movie either. Maybe the charm of this movie is beyond my understanding.

This is one of those film festival movies that goes over my head. I had a decent time watching it. But there was no tension, no comedy, no drama, no thrill. After every movie I watch, I am left with a certain kind of feeling. Happy that it ended well or happy that it ended at all. But with this, I just didn’t know how to feel. I felt like I had been frozen for the run time. I am not a film student, so I am guessing I missed the technical marvels in the movie. But the favorable ratings for this one just baffles me. If anyone knows whats good about this movie, do let me know and expand my horizons.

Each rated out of 5

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