Andhadhun Ending Explained

Andhadhun (lit. Blind Tune; Hindi pronunciation: [əndʱaːdʱʊn]) is a 2018 Indian black comedy crime thriller film co-written and directed by Sriram Raghavan. Produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Matchbox Pictures, the film stars TabuAyushmann Khurrana and Radhika Apte and tells the story of a piano player who unwillingly becomes embroiled in the murder of a former film actor. Its script was written by Raghavan, Arijit Biswas, Pooja Ladha Surti, Yogesh Chandekar and Hemanth Rao. The film was edited by Surti, and K. U. Mohanan was its director of photographyAmit Trivedi composed songs for the film while Jaideep Sahni wrote the lyrics. Raftaar and Girish Nakod composed and wrote a song as a guest composer.

This movie has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, that has to mean something right?
Major spoilers ahead, so please, read at your own discretion if you have not seen the movie. I highly recommend watching it without spoilers. Heck dont even watch the trailer.

I have read extensively about the different theories on the ending of this movie. I have seen the movie twice in its entirety. I have seen the last few scenes several times. A lot of people have explained this theory better than me, and I am sure people will still find mistakes and discrepancies in mine. Also my theory is not entirely original, I have to admit I had to read others’ to confirm it. But since, like most movies I post about here, I dont actually have anyone to discuss this movie with IRL, I am posting this here.

Akash was not blind in the beginning of the movie. He witnesses the aftermath of the Pramod Sinha’s murder. He also witnesses Mrs D’Sa’s murder by Simi’s hands. Simi then decides to confront him herself and blinds him after knocking him out with spiked sweets. When he wakes up, he is unable to see anything. He then puts his head in a bucket of water. We then see that his left eye has turned completely milky white and the right one is bloodied. Comeuppance? But then all he did was fool a pretty girl to eventuall get in her pants. Oh yeah, definitely comeuppance. Anyhow, at this point, I believe Akash is at least 80% blind. That would explain why he is not able to see Inspector Jawanda as he ambushes him later in the day. Even later in the movie, he is unable to fight off Simi as she attacks him in the run down hospital after his ‘friends’ tie him up to go and take the blackmail money from the Inspector for themselves. By the way, another instance of comeuppance for the rickshaw driver and his girlfriend/wife.
The reason people speculate about him being able to see at all is because of his ability to not be shocked easily. He is quite good at pretending to be blind.. As shown from the scream mask scene with Simi when she visits him.
The doctor and Akash overpower Simi and drive away. The Doctor tells him about Simi being a rare blood match for a Sheikh’s daughter. That her liver transplant would pay really well and they can split the money. Up until this point, as it turns out, Akash had been narrating to Sophie, the girl he had fallen for in the beginning of the movie. After this, she asks – Then what?

I think this is where Akash starts lying. Mind you he is a very good liar. People who are bad at lying often dont realise when they contradict themselves and give away their ruse. But as shown earlier in the movie, Akash is very good at cooking up a story and keeping it consistent with everyone. He tells Sophie that he infact argued with the Doctor about the morality of selling Simi’s organs for money. At this point, the car stops just beyond the sole tree on the highway after a noise comes from Simi. Earlier when the Doctor had first told Akash about his transplant plan, Akash had kept silent and the car had driven well into the distance. But in this retelling, the car stops close to the tree. There is a sound from the boot and the Doctor goes to check. Simi stabs him in the neck and joins Akash in the front seat. The rest is as you know.

Akash is lying here. Because the timeline of his own storytelling doesnt add up. While it sounds like a mistake on hi artful lying, its not that big of a deal since he knows Sophie and she probably wouldnt pay attention to it. The rabbit does not exist. I do not know if the bad CG was the movie makers intention, but the badly rendered rabbit only gives more of an effect of being fake. His cane has the rabbit on its helm. While it could have been taken as a symbol of what saved his life, it seems silly that he would know what hit Simi’s car before she overturned. Then you would have to assume he could see, but if he could see then why take all the beating earlier. By killing Simi in his story, Akash does not have to explain to Sophie how, a lady so relentlessly bent on killing him, disappeared without a trace. The police already thinks she is dead. So in essence the Doctor and Akash got away with their crime very easily.

Akash tells Sophie that a friend helped him reach Europe. But if you recall, the scene in the hospital where Akash is eating food right before the Doctor tries to extract his kidneys. Akash tells Sakhu that he has no family or friends. So where did this new friend come from? Surely Simi would never let him live, let alone fund his trip to Europe. He split the money with the Doctor. He later hits a can with his cane. While this can be a complete coincidence, I think he is able to see at this point. The liver transplant deal got him enough money to get his eyes fixed too.

Another proof of Akash cooking up the story is, he loves being on a moral high horse. Despite having a destructive and questionable conscience, he likes being known as the good guy. He takes advantage of people by pretending to be blind. Almost insulting people who truly cannot see. He witnesses two murders and promises to keep his mouth shut for his own life. He is never a good guy. It is entirely possible that he made the new story to improve his chances with Sophie. Also, in the scene where Sophie asks him – then what?- the camera lingers on him a bit. If you look closely, you can see his left eye looking up at Sophie. So he can clearly see in Europe.

He told Sophie the true story up until the part where Simi comes out of the trunk. He kills her in the story by pure accident to take the weight of her murder off his shoulder. He takes the money from selling her organs and moves/travels to Europe and gets cornea transplants and is able to see again. The Anti hero of the film got his happy ending.

-> there is another theory that Simi did die in a car crash and that her organs were extracted after that. But her car blew up. They were in the middle of nowhere. After death, there is usually a short window on when you can extract organs for successful transplant. And that is given her body is still intact after the blast.

All in all, just the fact that this movie made me this curious to know how things really ended, goes to show how amazing this movie is. Most of the story is told through cues and less is spelled out for the audience. This movie is a solid recommend from those who enjoy a good thriller with endings open to audience interpretation. Truly a piece of art.

What do you think?

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