Haunting of Hill House Ending Explained

All four siblings reach the house with their father. Steven and Hugh try to enter the red room, but are unable to. The door then opens, long enough for Steven to see Luke on the floor and for him to enter to save his brother. He is then knocked out and enters a fantasy reality where he is back with his wife who is in fact pregnant. However his reality soon turns in to a hell version of his fantasy and he is brought back to his consciousness by Nell’s ghost. Shirley and Theo are in the red room as well, and they too are stuck in a hellish version of their reality or rather the scenario that has been on their minds the longest. But it is all a projection of the red room, the house playing with their minds. Nell’s ghosts then explains to them, that like their mother said, the house is like a body. But the red room is not the heart, but the stomach. luring its pray in, digesting it. She reminds them of how they each had a room growing up, sort of like the room of requirement. Steven’s game room, Shirley’s family room, Theo’s dance room, Nell’s toy room and Luke’s tree house. A room that no one could find except them when they needed it. A room where they could get lost in their own worlds. Olivia too has her own reading room in the red room. She also explains that time in her head and much like the show, is like confetti or rain. Its sprinkled around them randomly and not sequentially like she once thought.  We then meet Poppy’s ghost trying to lure Hugh the same way that she did Olivia. But Olivia shows up, threatening the ghost to back off. Hugh begs for his children’s life but shes says hes the one who hurt them by taking them to the outside world. To which Hugh says, that there were good memories too, like Nell’s marriage. And that those beautiful moments existed because of Liv and him and the family they created together. He pleads for his children’s lives saying he will make a promise to her he would keep forever. I am assuming thats him offering himself, saying he is willing to spend the eternity with Olivia if she lets the children go. She then agrees to it and the four siblings rush out the room, in a hurry to get Luke to the hospital. Steven stays behind to see his father hug Olivia and Nell and accept his fate in the house. We also get in flashbacks, peppered like the ones in earlier episodes, the story about Abigail. Unlike how the show kept trying to say Abigail was imaginary, she was in fact a real girl. A real, beautiful adorable doll like looking child belonging to the caretakers of the mansion, Mr and Mrs Dudley. They do mention having a stillborn child earlier but for some reason they never mention Abigail to the owners. My guess is she wasnt really allowed near the mansion and she used to sneak out to play with Luke and then later to stay over for a sleepover. In the flashback, we are shown that Hugh wanted to destroy the house after his wife dies, but the Dudley’s offer to keep it there, to keep coming to see Abigail, since none of the people that died in the house were able to pass on into the netherworld. Hugh agrees, but doesnt want the house to be sold to another unsuspecting household. Steven then leaves, a line of ghosts behind him, watching him leave.

We then get a final epilogue. Steven gets back together with his wife again. Shirley sits down with her husband to confess to him about her infidelity and says she will always love him. Theo moves out of Shirley’s guest house and presumably gets together officially with Trish, I mean, I cant say really, she is a bit of a playboy. Or was. Luke celebrates 2 years clean with everybody. An aged, weakened Mr Dudley carries his dying wife inside the Hill House. She is then young again and standing in front of him with Abigail and their stillborn child in her arms. He then too dies and joins his family in the house.

We get a story of two families. The Dudleys refusing to move on, instead choosing to spend the rest of their time with their children even if for eternity. But they didnt kill themselves, they passed away when it was there time. A depiction of grief and loneliness but not of self harm.

Then our main family, the Crains and their story of moving on. While it was the house that kept dragging them back, to an extent, I feel it was more their story of their inability to let go, to move on with their lives. Even when there were no ghosts, the children were haunted by their childhood and all the things that went wrong. They learnt to forgive themselves, ask for forgiveness and learn to move on with their lives even if it hurt.

I mean really, by the end, it turned into a heartfelt story for me, which I was not expecting.  It wasnt scary after the end when the ghosts just turned out to be residues of their past selves, not able to move on. All of them just being victims of this evil monster house if you will. Till the end I did expect it to be some sort of a possession story, but it wasnt. And for that I am thankful.

What do you think?

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