Movie Resolutions for 2019

Oftentimes telling your aims or resolutions, be it new years or any kind, can motivate you to keep going. When you tell someone about it, you feel more bound to follow through. I have honestly never made new year resolutions before. What better way to start than doing one on movies. In hopes making this blog better, here are some of my aims for 2019 :-

  • Watch at least 2 movies a month – half a movie for each weekend. Watching movies is my way of spending time with my self. While I usually dont have a problem in interacting with people, I do appreciate being alone every now and then. And since not many people in my family are keen on watching the kind of movies I do, watching movies is more or less my alone time of the week.
  • Watch at least 1 foreign film in a month. Since I have basically given up on romantic Asian dramas (the novelty has sadly worn off after about 10 of them), I can focus more on foreign films now. Because I can only handle so many things with subtitles. While I do occasionally end up stumbling into some non English language movie every now and then, I need to explore South American cinema more. Hopefully I can manage some with this resolution.
  • Stick to a posting schedule as much as possible. Though this might be the toughest to stick to. There are times when I am simply not in the mood for watching a movie. Or I wish like watching an older movie or television show. And then there are time where I switch my mind off completely and go watch a comedy TV show that makes me feel good. But still, to a degree, I will stick to a minimum 2 reviews per month schedule.
  • Watch 12 best picture Oscar winners , one for each month. This is with regards to the upcoming Oscars. I also just want to research more about the Academy Awards and how they try to align their own winners with the present trends in cinema, without sabotaging the standard they (supposedly) stand for.
  • Explore the older generation of superhero movies. Basically superhero movies that came before Sony’s Spider’men’ movies and the Xmen movies. While I do have faint memories of watching the older Batman and Superman movies, I want to revisit those and more.

For my first new years resolutions ever, I tried to go easy on myself. I went through school believing that when I aim for an A+, I manage an A. But instead, maybe I should have put less pressure on myself and actually enjoyed my life. In keeping with the theme of going easier on myself and keeping myself happy, I made a fairly easy list. Hopefully I can stick to it through December 2019.

What do you think?

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