The Bad Education Movie Review

To be honest, I should probably review the TV show before I do the movie.

The Bad Education Movie is a 2015 British comedy film directed by Elliot Hegarty and written by Freddy Syborn and Jack Whitehall. The movie is based on Whitehall’s sitcom of the same name, and follows a similar plot-line, with young teacher Alfie Wickers’ (Jack Whitehall) ineptly trying to supervise and occasionally educate Form K.

The shortest summary for this movie would be – one of the kids from the Inbetweeners is now a teacher. But Wickers is not one of the Inbetweener kids. Hes posh. Hes posh with a posh accent and a posh upbringing and is close friends with people with names like Atticus Hoye.

Alfie Wickers is a young teacher. He is not the brightest but he does his best to entertain his class, form K. Form K has the slowest students of the school (with the exception of Jing maybe, I dont how she ended up in this class). He treats his students more as peers due to his inability to socially connect with people his own age. Probably credited to the bullying his ‘friends’ from public school, Atticus and party, inflicted on him growing up. Did not think I would find something so serious in a Bad Education movie. This movie follows Alfie’s last adventure with his class before they all graduate or move away.

In true Bad Education fashion, nothing goes right. In their first class trip together, form K went to Amsterdam and wreaked havoc in the Anne Frank Museum. Because, well what else do you expect. Wickers gets a partial Class K tatoo and barely convinces the PTA and other teachers to send his students to one last class trip to Cornwall. I mean cant be worse than Amsterdam right? Whats the worst the crew can do in Cornwall? What follows is crazy antics one after another, involving a helicopter parent and the Interpol. After all, what school trip is complete unless you become national terrorists at least once.

The movie gets crazy in its action set pieces. They do setup a few jokes every now and then. With payoffs later. Although I would have loved to see a rule of three in the movie. This movie is best enjoyed after the show. It has the same choppy scenes and crude humour. Unless one is familiar with the characters, a lot of the jokes might be lost on the viewer. The other teachers do take a backseat for most of the movie. We get to see a familiar face again. The scale in this movie is certainly bigger than the show. It is however more about an action adventure than dark humour with a bit of heart like the show. There arent many emotional beats in the movie. The main plot is mainly regarding Wickers, his school friends and Joe. I know it kinda makes sense as Wickers moving on from his bully/friends to true friends. You are however left with a bitter sweet feeling in the end as the crew is indeed leaving.


I watched this movie right after finishing the third season. So the story was fresh in my mind. Its a fun watch. It gets crude with a lot of toilet humour. It gets disgusting too. But I have always found dirty humour in British media more tolerable than in American media. This is not Hangover. Of course that just my personal opinion. If you enjoyed the show, you would definitely enjoy the movie. The old favorites coming back for one last crazy ride in a helicopter. The cast was wonderful as always. Iain Glen killed it in his role. Jack Whitehall is an underrated comedian and writer. But then again his comedy is often childish, so that would explain why the show and the movie tanked with the critics but killed it with fans. I might be older than the target audience, I really enjoy young adult content done well. In a strange way, Whitehall’s childish comedy suits really well to a show and movie geared towards teens than content created by people who have absolutely no idea what kids are like these days. Major props to all the behind the scenes crew for making a movie that only goes up and never slows down.

I had a really great time watching this movie. This is definitely a switch off your brain movie done right. It does get really stupid, so fair warning.

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