Movies I look forward to in 2019

Posting after a really long time. Welcome to 2019 all.
Now its pretty obvious I am looking forward to the superhero movies the most, more or less all superhero movies. So as a challenge to myself, I am going to try and avoid posting about superhero movies here. In fact I think I will avoid Disney movies too. They can all be another list. I am not going to post release dates since they differ according to country and I dont live in USA. But this isn’t a list of movies I am expecting to do well commercially or critically. Just movies I want to watch as fast as possible. Theres also a large number of Non white actors or female led movies this year, so that nice. Warning, I may have gotten carried away with the list a bit. So following is my list of movies I am really looking forward to in 2019

January :-

  1. Glass, January – cheating the first time a bit. But I always assumed and treated Split like a horror movie. In so, this one might have a less horror more super power aspect to it. I still think this is going to be a wonderful movie. Because the last two were not formulaic either as M Night style movies or superhero movies. And in that its its own universe and so I feel this gives movie makers to really explore this in anyway they want. The cast is stellar too. I think this movie would be a great start to the year.


  1. The Lego Movie 2: The second part : the first part looked decent. While I am not expecting it to break previous records, I hope its a decent watch like Lego Batman
  2. How to Train your Dragon: Hidden World : this is the best animated series in hollywood of all time. Come at me.
  3. The Rhythm section : now this one might solely on the list because of Jude Law and Blake Lively. Both have done thrillers well in the past. And teaming up with Reed Morano can only mean an interesting movie.


  1. Fighting with my Family : the trailer looks really fun. And I would watch anything with Dwayne Johnson in it. Even if its something like Skyscraper
  2. Us
  3. Greyhound : I love period war movies.
  4. Where’d you go Bernadette : reminds me a bit of Jodie Foster’s character from Nims Island. And Cate Blanchett is always a delight to watch acting.
  5. The translation of Wounds

April :-

  1. Pet Semetary : I keep telling myself I will watch all Stephen King movie adaptations. But I dont have the guts. This looks pure silly from one of the silliest stories in my opinion. So really looking forward to this.
  2. Hellboy – cheating twice. Sort of. Curious to see if Hopper would be the saving grace or an anti hero in a fantastic fantasy film
  3. Pokemon Detective Pikachu
  4. Birghtburn : the third times the charm? See now that doesnt apply here. And here I thought I understood idioms well in school. This looks freaking amazing. I have nothing else to say.
  5. Gozilla : King of Monsters : The first one was boring, at least in terms of its human characters. But they really nailed the monsters and the action. Really looking forward to this one.
  6. The Kid : westerns are making a comeback. But then they have always been in this perpetual state of about to become big but then a bunch of flops. Heres to hoping this stellar cast can set the screen on fire.

June :-

  1. Men in Black International : this will be my stupid special effects fest movie of the year. Not going to lie, love seeing Chris Hemsworth do comedy, no matter how much of a mess Ghostbusters was. He is a very underrated actor, often shadowed by his portrayal of Thor
  2. Untitled Danny Boyle Musical : the cast and crew look really promising.


  1. Untitled Anabelle Film : this looks like it would be tied into the conjuring universe, so stoked. Little sad that James Wan is not directing. But after anabelle creation and It, I am fairly excited for this one too.
  2. Stuber : I am a huge Kumail Nanjiani fan
  3. Once Upon a time in Hollywood : ah, finally a Quentin Tarantino film. I really appreciate him taking the time do his thing and not belch these out on a strict timeline under studio pressure. I want to say it would be nice to maybe not see Leo, but damn he kills it in every one of these movies. So no complaint. Really looking forward to these.

September :-

  1. IT Chapter Two : It is one of my favorite movies ever. And this and stranger things together would be amazing. While I am sad to see the characters grow up, still excited to visit Derry again. I have not read the book in its entirety or watched any previous adaptation. So really hoping they do a self succinct story.
  2. Downton Abbey : huge fan of the show. Glad to revisit favorite characters. I think the Dowager is my spirit animal.
  3. The Kitchen : after Widows, I can get used to these movies.

October :-

  1. The Woman in the window : lots of thrillers this year. I love it
  2. The Addams Family : I am so mad!!!! Excuse me, why is this animated? Are you telling me Oscar Isaac is not the perfect Gomez? I want an R rated live action version of the Addams Family. The cast looks amazing, but I am so mad that I will never get a life threatening ball room dance scene with Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac. You can legit make a live action version with the same cast and it would be amazing.
  3. Zombieland Too : with sequels like these, especially after so many years, its tricky just getting the cast back together. This is one my hall of fame movies. So looking forward to seeing this.

November :-

  1. Charlie’s Angels : I am scared for this movie to be honest. As long as they dont turn it into some young adult action fantasy style movie, I think it will be fine.
  2. Midway : another war drama. Sign me up
  3. Knives Out : this has all the signs of a fantastic movie. Praying for this one to kill it with fans.

December :-

  1. Jumanji 3 : a risky movie in my opinion. But based on the success of the last one, would probably end up being a commercial success at least. Really hoping the writing would carry through since the star power is amazing like last time.
  2. Little Women : absolutely loved little women growing up. I have seen about every adaptation in existence.
  3. Call of the Wild : cast and crew looks amazing
  4. Star Wars Episode IX : will this be the undoing of all things set up in the last jedi? Maybe. Or maybe not. I think Abrams is a nice person in real life and wouldnt disrespect Johnson. Dont get me wrong, I did not like the Last Jedi. But I think Rian Johnson accomplished what he set out to do. This was a big film. I respect him. And really looking forward to seeing Rey and Ren again.
  5. 1917 : looks like a ya version of a war drama. Would still watch it.

What do you think?

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