Bird Box Review

Would have been fun if the whole movie was a first person perspective. But people want to see Sandy’s face. And in another success of the year for me, Sandra Bullock explores the existence of a mother.

Bird Box is a 2018 American post-apocalyptic thriller film directed by Susanne Bier, from a screenplay by Eric Heisserer, based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The film follows a woman (Sandra Bullock) who, along with a pair of children, (dubbed Boy and Girl), must make it through a forest and river blindfolded to avoid supernatural entities that take the appearance of their victims’ worst fears, regrets, and losses that cause them to commit suicide. Trevante RhodesJacki WeaverRosa SalazarDanielle MacdonaldLil Rel HoweryTom HollanderBD WongSarah PaulsonColson Baker and John Malkovich also star.

This is not a quiet place. Its not similar to quiet place. Sure there is a parent fighting for the safety for their children, but this is quite different from that movie.

Bird Box is a movie that was not treated well by critics. Its rated quite average on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB too. But I loved it.


Malorie is a pregnant lady who couldnt care less about it all. She considers herself an island and believes in living with herself, away from all social interaction. I myself feel that way sometimes, so I guess I could relate to her in that aspect. She doesnt hate people on the whole, but just feels things are easier when she has lesser people to worry about. Her baby daddy is not around in the movie and the only family we see her with is her sister. She is quite nonchalant when it comes to her unborn child too. But soon the world is, allegedly, taken over by these monsters. Monsters that are so horrifying that people go mad and kill themselves after seeing one. Basilisk…anyone?

The character Charlie in the movie speculate if these monsters or ghosts are the same creatures from mythologies around the world. Creatures that drive people insane just with their appearance. Invoking unsaid and horrifying fears in its victims, that they would rather just kill themselves. People were also shown to react to these monsters as seeing other people and seemingly not knowing that they are killing themselves.

For sometime in the movie, we are locked inside the house with a motley of characters, like any other zombie movie. They board up the windows and close all doors. They try to see if looking at these monsters in a digital form would still affect them the say way, and sadly it does. However, since the locked up in a house only forms part of the movie, we do not get a lot of backstory on the different characters. We have a conspiracy theorist, the hot military guy, the old grump with a shotgun, the young ones that would 100% hook up. With the old lady, it almost seemed like the setting from ‘The Mist’. But the story here is not about the humanity of the characters. But how far people are willing to go to protect their own. Whether it means sacrificing someone else. I felt that was a theme consistent throughout the movie. What with John Malkovich’s wife, Tom, Charlie, Gary, and later the children. However, whenever the movie gets heavy in its themes, it pulls back for some action. I guess so as to not forget its a monster movie at its core.

I have not read the book, so I am not sure how much they have retained or changed in this adaptation. From what I know from other reviews, they changed the ending. It doesnt seem to make much difference for the movie. Since this was never designed to be an adventure movie with monsters. It wasnt about the foraging and running and fighting. This movie is about how the fear of the unknown is bigger than any monster or creature or ghost you can imagine. That fear for each person is defined differently. I really wish they would have focused on more people as they became victims to these unnamed monsters. I also wish we would have gotten some semblance of these monsters powers too. But maybe that is our grim reality. That we dont need much but a mental stimulant, to drive ourselves crazy and end everything. That it takes but an image or a sound to drive someone to kill themselves. We get a glimpse of this with Malorie, as for her, over the movie, her fear is losing the children. But then again its never clear if its the monsters doing or just her own.

But thats the charm of these movies. You dont need a lot of setup to understand whats going on. Besides Charlie’s description of the mythological creatures, there’s not much exposition in the movie. It does slow down in places, but also keeps the pace up during the action. Its not similar to the quiet place, except for the fact that one of your basic five senses is related to the monsters and that a familial relationship is tested. It is only similar to the mist in the sense that you cant really look outside and navigate easily. Bird Box is a not a perfect movie, but it does its job of depicting a parent doing above and beyond to protect her children from her own Boogeyman.

Each rated out of 5

Let me know what you think about the movie. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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