Detective Pikachu, Trailer Impression

Oh. My. God.


So, finally we are getting a pokemon live action movie. A western, Hollywood made pokemon live action movie. Ever since the Pokemon Apokelypse fan trailer came out, pokemon fans have asked for a good, gritty, somewhat imbibed in reality pokemon movie. That is a pokemon universe different from the ones in cartoon. Cause if pokemon really did exist, I doubt things would turn out like the game or the cartoon. However, the slew of terrible video game live action movies or even anime live action movies created in America always deterred fans. Everyone was dreading it when this movie was announced. I did not pay attention to any news regarding this movie myself. Only yesterday did I find out that Ryan Reynolds is voicing Pikachu. I am not sure if this was a surprise or has been in the news before. But , they couldnt have made a better choice.

Detective Pikachu is based on the video game Detective Pikachu. Its directed by Rob Letterman (Monsters vs Aliens, Shark Tale, Goosebumps, Gulliver’s Travels), stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as Pikachu, sorry, Detective Pikachu, Justice Smith (Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom), Ken Watanabe (Memoirs of a Geisha, Inception, Godzilla, Cirque Du Freak) and many more. It also stars Ikue Otani, the original voice actor for Pikachu, reprising her role as the adorable little mouse.

Justice Smith plays a failed pokemon trainer, whose detective father has gone missing. Detective Pikachu, his father’s partner turns up and together they try to solve the mystery. Smith can understand this Pikachu speaking, much like Meowth from the cartoons, but other people only hear Pikachu’s – pika pika. The movie will be released in summer 2019. My only problem right now is, what if this is just some elaborate marketing scam for Deadpool 3. Cause Ryan Reynolds is very much capable of doing that.

First of all, the movie looks great. The pokemon look great. See the thing with adapting pokemon live action is, the design. People are freaked out by how the pokemon look. But I ask you this, did you not know there were somewhat based on real animals? Maybe not those like Jinx or Mr Mime, but most of them are. So it only makes sense that they look furry. If anything, these pokemon look the best that any live action adaptation of japanese animation has ever looked in western cinema. Pikachu is a mouse. An electric Mouse. In fact, lets try and see how many I can name from the trailer –

  • Fearow
  • Dodrio
  • Charmander
  • Psyduck
  • Squirtle in a poster
  • Bulbasaur
  • Jigglypuff
  • Machamp in a poster
  • Primape in a poster
  • And the Charizard. Damn the Charizard looks big and scaly and scary like a dragon, just like it should
  • Greninja
  • Mr Mime

I stopped playing the pokemon games after Pokemon Platinum. I played black and white and black 2 and white 2 till maybe the second gym and then gave up. The other pokemon shown in the trailer, I have never seen before. I stopped watching the cartoon after Hoenn too, so I wouldnt know the new ones. Polygon did a list, you can take a look at it here .They definitely included the popular ones from first generation in the trailer. I am assuming and hoping there are more.

The pokemon look great. Yes most of them are furry. I think people are most angry at the Jigglypuff. Well, it has ears like a cat, I always thought it was like a humanoid version of Skitty. I thing Jigglypuff was supposed to look like a balloon, but I am hoping the creators can defend this stylistic choice with Jigglypuff. The color looks  a little off too. What if its a shiny Jigglypuff. They worked with the Pokemon team, this isnt a solely Legendary Project. They also talk about trainers in the trailer, maybe we’ll get to see gym leaders and maybe even the league. I wonder if they have pokemon contests and coordinators. If they will show Pokemon being used in daily life, like how Ash’s mom had a Mr Mime maid. If they would have pokemon rights activists. So many possibilities. I just hope they have a solid plot and dont get bogged down by these things. This would probably be aimed more towards kids with subtle adult jokes thrown in. Rob Letterman has directed pretty decent kids movies in the past. I remember Shark Tale and Gulliver’s Travels being fun, nothing extra ordinary or extremely hilarious, but just a good time at the cinema.

This movie would definitely be aimed towards the fans. Now we have to see if this can generate enough interest as Pokemon GO did. Surprisingly, there are people still playing it. Maybe they can make a good video game movie after all. Or a good live action adaptation. Hoping for the best.

Also, Karan Soni is in this, so it’ll probably be a great movie.

What did you think about the trailer? What expectations do you have from the movie? Does furry Jigglypuff makes you mad enough to skip this movie. Let me know in the comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Till next time.



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