Office Uprising Review

Office Uprising was released in Russia in 19 July 2018.

I know, right.


It stars Brenton Thwaites, Jane Levy, Ian Harding, Zacahary Levi (was not expecting that) , and my new favorite comedy supporting character actor Karan Soni. I know, I know, I shouldn’t typecast him, but given how hes just sort of started out in bigger movies, I would love to him see him get big through roles like this and then maybe get a nice Kumail Nanjiani moment.

I quite liked this movie. It was unexpected. The first half hour of the movie does feel like all the characters are on steroids. But, the movie was actually pretty good. They do a decent job of setting things up for the last act. The actors did a very good job. Even the minor characters were pretty good. Brenton Thwaites was……………………….ah…sort of unecessary? He played the typical main character white guy in any movie. But I feel that works to the movie’s advantage given how well the Karan Soni’s character plays off of him. He still seems to have more energy than any character in the movie. Its like hes excited to be there but also whining about his work situation. He works at an ammunition company, that seems to have production,  storage, distribution , marketing, corporate, basically all departments in one giant building in one location. And its still doing good for some reason. I guess they needed an excuse to introduce weapons into the movie since its got zombies in it. Thats the thing with western zombie movies, they cant seem to make any without people shooting it out.

Jane Levy does a decent job. The last thing I saw her in was the horror thriller dont breathe and she did a good job acting in that film too. Her character does get a little inconsistent, though it was hard to judge given how she doesnt have much of a story. Zachary Levi was fine. The rest of the supporting cast was just ok too. The acting was sufficient in the movie.

The writing was below average. It felt hurried and felt like the writers were more focused on checking boxes than writing an actual story. None of the characters are compelling enough to have you rooting for them. Karan Soni, as funny as he was, maybe I am a bit biased towards him, was the only person I cared for. They did try to set things up, but only to have them pay off like 5 min later. And every setup is so blatant and in your face, you already know its going to be recalled in a few minutes. And given the large number of joke setups, it jarring. The zombies dont seem to follow any consistent movie rules.  This movie is fun if you switch your mind off. Dont expect to go in this one expecting heartfelt zombie movie about humanity with high stakes or a zombie movie with crazy action. This movie tries to be both but manages to be neither.

Each rated out of 5

What did you guys think about the movie? Let me know in the comments below. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Until next time.



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