James Cameron’s Avatar……..which wasnt all that awesome….

Sad but true.

The supposedly epic film came out in 2009(has it really been that long?) . Its freaky how i remember everything about that film even though i saw it just thrice(unintentionally of course). I dont think i can write about Jurrassic park that well. anyhow as wiki says it ‘Avatar is a 2009 American[6][7] epic science fiction motion capture film written and directed byJames Cameron‘. Epic? I dont think so…….

His plans began in 1994……..i was half a year old i think…. and he didnt begin production till 2005  because the technology was in sufficient to project the movie as he wanted it to be seen. But i doubt it turned out anything like he expected it to. Whatever fight for your freedom environment he was trying to create……..it didnt work. I mean, i dont hate him or his work (c’mon he created the Titanic the movie), but i guess even i Robot had stronger effect than a bunch of blue people in hammocks riding dragon like creatures trying to fight highly advanced versions of AK47s and Sukhois .

The first few scenes are Sam Worthington behaving like Cameron’s expectant viewers or at least as he wanted them to react to different scenes. Everything is pretty and blue(which happens to be my favorite color, the only reason i decided to watch the movie in the first place). We see different kinds of animals and other …………butterfly , dragonflies, whatever they are called in Na’vi. And the group of people talking really seriously about it ,  pretending like its a really big deal (ya they do that in most movies nowadays) . The major reason why it didnt seem all that serious to me is because , with drama ruling TV screens now, people or at least I am more used to the seriousness of a situation being drilled in my head in a dozen episodes and not in 40 minutes. The movie lost me after that . He becomes a part of the tribe, falls in love with the princess (which was quite obvious) , and questions his motives and also lets slip the fact that the Na’v wont give up the hometree. You know, i think this was the best thing about the movie or the story, those people, things, whatever they were , nature was everything to them. Their deity , their ruler, mother of all and those kind of  things.

Then there is a fight and a war , as Cameron wanted it to be seen, and they lose a lot of people………..some great and important figures……….but they win in the end when ,  he manages to coax the big orange dragon to help them.  And he  gets the girl, becomes the king and end of story………….oh and Taylor dies or whatever that commander’s name is ( sorry i have been watching Terranova…………so i get mixed up). Basically , it wasnt awesome.

I know i saw the movie ages ago, and fans might argue that i couldnt possibly hate something if i am thinking about it after such  long time. Well the truth is i wanted to post something like this ever since i saw the movie. You might say i dont have any strong points to back my argument , but thats because i am not good at debating, but the movie wasnt the sort that left a giddy feeling and a sort of ‘i wish there was more’ feeling or anything. Again fans might say that, it s because it was a ‘complete’ movie. Well yeah, it was evident in most scenes that Cameron tried to create an all in one sci fi, but i have to stay he failed. Star wars was better than this and even the ‘Taken’ series. No i am not comparing him to my all time favorite Steven Spielberg (besides if i were , i would be heavily biased).  I mean Spielberg did not come up with Titanic. But  is that all you wanted to be remembered for Cameron? The movie was a mashup of everything he wanted it to be, a sci fi flick with the sort of effects that make even the most boring of adults go ‘ooohhhhhhhh’, with action and romance(i really hate that, action does not go down with romance at all). The whole military trying to sabotage innocent people thing was so overused, or maybe it was because we are more used to feeling  empathetic towards our own race  or at least things we have seen before, like hunting/experimenting on  animals or something. He should have released shorts or OVA’s etc. to get people to get used to half naked 10 feet tall blue sapiens being murdered by the heartless army (ya they are always responsible for stuff like this).

Anyhow , i heard there are sequels coming , and assuming that the first movie was ‘complete’ it means new characters , which means it wont be as popular (ya i sympathize with Toby maguire and Andrew Garfield)……………i dont have anything against that wonderful producer or anyone who worked in that movie. What i really have a problem with is the fact that it claims to be better than so many other great Hollywood works in the same genre (no i am not going to name any, the list is endless). SO maybe it earned a lot, maybe it deserved the revenue, but the respect, the popularity, people calling it awesome, lets just say i didnt like my classmates ‘loving’ the movie(people who didnt know anything about fantasy and scifi except that it has something to do with ghosts , monsters, Jacobs, and super computers and mini gadgets; i am no expert my self but i definitely know more than that).

To any hardcore fans out there…………………..no need to bring pitchforks, this is my opinion , you have yours , lets just repect each other for that.

Each Rated out of 5

Till then , its May signing off!

Ciao \m/

Originally posted on 26 Jan 2012.

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