Akame ga kill, First impression

Probably late for one..but here goes.
This anime is pretty awesome. No really, it is. I am going to list out in pints the things I specifically liked about ye first episode.

*warning* spoilers ahead

1. Great opening song. A rock/pop number that sets the right environment in sync with the aura of the show.
2. Great visuals. Heck, the episode starts off with a fight. All crappy backstory comes later, let us make the protagonist fight a bit and give folks an idea about how all episodes will play out in the future.
3. A lighthearted and almost slice of life-ish interaction between protagonist and side characters (you know the kind that acts collateral damage during times of great climax)
4. Comedy. Just a sprinkle to not wear the audience out, not enough to send you guffawing and out of your seat for water, but enough to make it enjoyable and get you to invest in your protagonist.
5. A sweet Loli girl. Exactly what was missing eh? Maybe they’ll start a little boy meets girl romance. A rich girl falls for the innocence and simplicity of the country boy new in town. They are driven apart by her parents demands of getting her to marry a rich lord and the boy’s duty towards his village.
No that girl and her sweet seeming family are d****. You’ll know when you see the show.
6. The show continuously hints at a darker capital city hidden underneath the one on display and gives a fantastic example by introducing us to a sadistic family that gets high off torturing innocent and unknowing country folk. Yup. D****.
7. Ensuing fight scene is also a great introduction for the assassin group. I forgot their name. And damn, are they deadly. I like the coldness with which most of them kill.
8. I feel bad for the protagonist. But I love how he proves an equal match for specially trained assassins.

Yup, this show is going great.

Till next time, this is Taichi, signing out folks!

What do you think?

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