Fate zero, ep 9

Master and servant
Aruji to Jūsha

*spoilers ahead*

Aah… Nice trick with the bullet Emiya! Because this show has no limits to what power ups and Mage props these people can have. So… Kayneth’s essentially bed ridden and his fiancé with the tongue twisting name can’t wait to drop him off and seduce Lancer. Why am I not surprised. We get to see a little more about lancer’ slice although it’s not much from what is already depicted in the ending song.
I sort of agree with Emiya trying to finish off Kayneth first. I mean think about it…he is the weakest right now. And his relationship with his servant is also bleak as he attacked Emiya without Lancer’s knowledge. Yeah, I get it more children will be dead by then, but isn’t this better. Less interference to worry about while fighting Caster.

What do you think?

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