Fate zero, ep 10

Rin’s adventure
Rin no Bōken

*spoilers ahead*

Oh look. A familiar face from fate stay night days. Rin is almost 7-8 years old in this episode, so I dont know how you can centre an entire episode on he while maintaining the grim and ominous tone of the show. I mean, c’mon she is a kid. This episode is all about being a Mage from the kids point of view right? So let’s bring her in with the kidnapping cases and leave out the killing part. We can’t scar her for life and then have her be her normal bossy and energetic self in the sequel. We do get hints of her infamous jewel magic here and there. But these twenty minutes were essentially for fans. Minimal plot progression and not much to do with Sakura. Hm…I was disappointed.

What do you think?

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