Fate zero, ep8

The magus killer
Majutsushi koroshi

*spoilers ahead*

Illyasviel von Einzbern. The envy of all husbands out there. Seriously, this chick knows Emiya and Maiya have a thing, but lives a life dedicated entirely to her husband. But …she was created for this purpose as far as I could understand so.. Well anyhow…,,
Caster decided to come to his Jeanne on his own. Bringing with him a couple of children. You know..to play and stuff. Keep the mood light and energetic. Maybe even convince his holy virgin to give herself up. This episode is even more grotesque than the one where they introduce caster for the first time . It is in fact the first series where the inhumanity with children is a no holds barred affair. I like how they want to keep both Emiya and Kiristugu shady characters. Although…it’s about time they start killing major characters.

What do you think?

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