Fate Zero , ep 7

The evil forest (makyo no Mori)
*spoiler alert*

So…all masters and their servants or saarvaantos are revealed and now it’s all about who guts who. But with the ominous Caster and his master Uryū are killing and sacrificing children, attracting public attention, the ‘supervisor’ for the fourth holy grail war Risei, announces that for the war to proceed further , Saber has to kill Caster. Perks of the being the supervisor I suppose. The story so far has proved even more convoluted than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, I like that. Keeps the show interesting. Also the lengthy talk-y first episode is finally paying off.
Although…sometimes I do wish they would concentrate more on action… But that would be too immature. The reason fate zero stands out from its sequel is that it bothers to explain the sequence of actions and at the same time maintaining a mystery about its characters. Everyone seems to have a new trick up their sleeves just when you thought they were finished. But I am afraid this trick will get old. Unless their special weapons and abilities are justified.
The show seems to dedicate equal attention to all seven masters..but I would like more of Gilgamesh every now and then. But then the golden king is more of a trump card, to be played at the climax of the series…
Well next up is Saber vs Caster.. Let’s see how that turns out.

What do you think?

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