Rurouni Kenshin LA may use OOR again


After the mild success and mixed reactions from fans for the first Rurouni Kenshin Live Action movie (released in 2012), the producers decided to make two more. My prayers were answered with the first trailer for Ruouni Kenshin : Kyouto Inferno. What caught people a little off gaurd was the One Ok Rock track “Mighty Long Fall” playing in the background. It seems they credit the somewhat successful release of the first film to One Ok Rock,  who are currently on their North American tour. Unfortunately the single comes out really late and close to the movie release which will take place in the first week of August 2014. Fans can catch only the first couple of seconds of the song, but I’d say it has everyone pumped up for the live action Kenshin-Shishio face off.

You can find the track playing in the background in the first trailer. Just follow this link:

6 thoughts on “Rurouni Kenshin LA may use OOR again”

  1. What do you mean ‘mild success’ and ‘mixed reaction’? The movie was overall a big success and it stayed in the box-office charts for a few good amount of weeks and it earned a total of $61.7million USD. Being also the 16th highest-grossing japanese film of the year. I wouldn’t understate that as ‘mildly’ successful.


    1. Yes thats true. But you see the author for this article, which is me, does not live in Japan. And she tries and write from her own observations on numerous forums and websites. Its not possible for her to infer statistics from Japan. Heck she saw the movie and viewers reactions on the internet and not in a movie hall. So, thanks for the information but not really for this article. Besides its just me fangirling over gettng another OOR single tied to Rurouni kenshin LA.


      1. I see. It’s okay then. Actually when the casts were revealed prior filiming, critiques and netizens were bashing really hard on the production of the film. Actually i think the negative reaction was before the movie was released. But after the movie was released in cinemas, the response was surprisingly well & positive, and that’s why it managed to stay in the box office charts for a good period of time.
        I’m looking forward to the 2nd movie but i’m also worried on how they are gonna fit in ALOT of things into it. I’ve grown up with RK being my fave manga so i’m glad the first movie was a success.
        AND, to have my NUMBER 1 favourite band in the whole world singing for my favourite manga turn live-action film is beyond dream come true. *fangirls together with u*
        But by the way, where did u get the info that OOR is releasing a single prior to the movie’s release? Bcoz i haven’t heard of that so it caught me by surprise. I thought they were going to straight away release an album? Correct me if i’m wrong.


  2. Mild sucess and mixed reactions? I think, overall, it was a box office huge hit (in Japan at least) and mksr fans praised the live action adaption. One of the best live-action films of anime ever made, in my oppinion. 🙂


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