Mika Nakashima and Miliyah Kato, Fighter , Impressions


Two of my favorite singers collaborating. hasn’t happened since Miho Fukuhara and AI did a jig with O2.

The actual single doesnt come out till June. But this single was tied in with the Japanese release of The Amazing Spider Man 2. Which is basically Sony wagging his tiny fists at Marvel screaming profanities.

(I’m sorry, but this all thats available on youtube. Do listen to it if you can get your hands on it.)

I believe the artwork speaks for itself. Fighter will be released with another single ‘Gift’.

So, to be honest, I havent seen Mika Nakashima since her mutant/zombie stint in Resident Evil.

This song is amazing. Thats it. Impressions over. No really, its too good.

The whole setup for the track seems to fast for Nakashima, who is known for her caramel voice that has sent fans all over the globe swooning over her. As for Kato, this actually the first time I’ve heard her voice. Its really impressive and compliments Nakashima really well. But really sent me over the edge was the music video. Other than the fact that it features footage from the movie itself, it also has Nakashima busting bad boys while (apparently), trying to save Kato, who gives a sense of being her romantic partner.

Here are some snippets from the music video:



Listen or Ignore?

Definitely a Listen.

Till next time, this is Taichi signing off folks!

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