LiSA, Rising Hope, Impressions

I almost mistook this track for Kana Nishino.

Rising Hope

To be released on 7 May, 2014

*cough* officially

Rising hope is used as the opening track for the anime series “The irregular at magic high school”.

The single has four tracks:

Rising hope and Rising Hope (TV ver.) :

With a couple of beginning notes bringing back memories of Utsukushiki Zankoku no Sekai by Yoko Hikasa (from Attack on Titan), the rest of the track presents a stark contrast. It has the same rockability often associated with LiSA : a pumping verse with a blasting chorus sequence. The song is too fast to dance on, but I would love to jam to it in a live event. Unfortunately, the entire song is very LiSA like. Quite similar to her previous tracks like ‘Crossing field’, ‘best day, best way’  albeit a little faster. Her album Landscape had a better effect of bringing out her singing side.

Of course my views about her changed the second the b-side track started.

Ameagari no Sora to Kimi :

Okay, I admit, the chick can sing. This song is a respite from her screaming the shit out of my ear drums. Its mellow beats and soft notes provides a welcome contrast to her rock image. Isn’t that what B-side tracks are intended for? You make them so good, a poor chap is forced to buy the single even though he can get the featured track in the upcoming album. I wish they would use this track as the ending song for the same anime.

Poker face :

No not lady gaga’s catchy gig that led to her producing many abominations, but another peppy number by our beloved Lisa Oribe. Although I would have loved another track like Ameagari no….. if they had to introduce a third track. Honestly speaking, it doesnt sound that much different than Rising Hope.

Anyways, I enjoyed this release. I am always ready to listen to more LiSA. The energy in her vocals makes me appreciate her stamina, even if just for studio recording.  Lets see if they’ll make her release her another single for Sword Art Online….or maybe Gun-whats-its-name-Online.

Till next time, this is Taichi, signing off folks!

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