Deadman Wonderland Ep 1-3 First impressions

Because it is only a first impression, I am not going to rant about the things I dont like. And since I am not in a state to review this anime, this post does not have spoilers. Well I can assure you at least 80% of it is spoiler free.

Deadman wonderland is a shounen anime series based on a manga by Jinsei Kataoka. The series was produced by ‘Manglobe studios’ and released in summer of 2011.

Deadman wonderland opens with a middle school scene ,unlike the regular high school staple of anime.  It follows the story of Ganta Igarashi and his tribulations when he is accused of murdering all his classmates when the deed is instead carried out by a mysterious floating man dressed in red. As the ma in red leaves, he embeds a red crystal in Ganta’s chest, something they might explain later in the series. Ganta is announced a death sentence and sent of to Deadman Wonderland, a prison where the inmates have to earn their living all the while fending themselves against each other and the extremely sadist psychopaths who are apparently the only authority in the prison.

Till now, the series is mostly Ganta trying to make sense of the situation while trying to stay alive. He meets Shiro, a seemingly light headed girl who ,presumably, wears nothing but a collar around her neck. Or maybe the red patters are part of some body suit or leotard, I cant really tell. Ganta seemingly finds friends in Shiro and Yo Takami , a shady characters with motives of his owns, hey we are in a prison after all. Other characters worth mentioning at this point are Tsunenaga Tamaki. He is the chief warden and also in my opinion the chief tyrant at deadman  wonderland. He is potrayed as someone who loves playing the ruler at DW and likes to manipulate things any which way he likes. As of episode 3 , he is portrayed as the primary antagonist and the source of most of Ganta’s misery, other than the man in red of course. Another character which much importance in this show is Makina, chief of the prison guards, lady with big boobs who rules with an iron fist. Other than being easily irked, I thinks she is only there for fanservice at the moment. Although she does her part in trying to help the plot progress, her actions still haven’t resulted in any major developments yet. All the other characters introduced till now have been killed (yeah, spoiler, sorry) and the sneak peak of the next preview promises newer inclusions to the show.

The voice actors for both the original Japanese audio and the English dubs are doing a great job (like I said, just first impressions)

The opening and the ending show suit the theme of the show perfectly. The opening gives you an insight in the gore that awaits you and the ending is about Ganta reminiscing about his now dead friends and his reason to do anything to survive this hell hole. The ending theme is by the band NIRGILIS, the same ladies who did he last poening theme for Eureka 7. But that is not the reason why I chose this anime.

It was the prospect of watching another show by the animation studio Manglobe. For those who dont know, Manglobe has produced

Samurai Champloo (2004), Sengoku BASARA movie and game(2005), Ergo Proxy (2006) and latest shows like  Karneval (2013) and a currently airing series Samurai Flamenco (2013) ( next on my list)

Taichi Thinks……..

I am definitely going to watch it further and then post a complete review about the things I absolutely loved about the show. Really high on the gore the quotient involving a teenager, it reminded  me of battle royale, but that requires a completely different post altogether.

If I were to rate it on these first three episodes,I would give this series 4 out of 5 stars

What do you think?

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