K Project Review

I know it’s a little late to be doing this review, but then I watch whatever I like and am not really into following anime religiously. And the kind of stuff that is released these days, they are a huge put off anyway.

I finally finished K as part of my “finish pending anime this winter holidays” resolution. I put it off for almost half a year and this series if brilliant as an action series, so obviously it didn’t deserve that much ignorance. And as atonement, I am using this anime as the first post on this blog.

The story

K follows the story of seventeen year old Isana Yashiro who attends Ashinaka Highschool situated on a little island off the coast of Shizume city in a technologically advanced Japan. Isana is your typical happy go lucky guy who is a bit goofy at times but gets along well with everyone. His life takes a crazy turn when he accused of murdering Tatara Totsuka, member of the infamous HOMRA. Soon he finds himself being pursued by members of HOMRA, Sceptre 4 and a lone warrior by the name of Kuro Yatogami. With his loyal cat/girl friend Neko by his side, Isana sets out to find out the real culprit all the while avoiding the dangerous set of men now after his life.
Though it starts out as a mystery, the series becomes more about prosecuting Isana for his supposed crime than to actually locating the culprit. He has three different sets of people who want him dead at all costs. I would have likes it better if the director or writers would have given the viewers a better introduction of the setting. Most of the time, the series assumes you know how and where the story is set. There is no explanation as to why instead of a government, Japan is ruled by seven ‘kings’ with super powers or why no one has problem with a bunch of delinquents actig as the law enforcers. The kings themselves are out to satisfy their own agenda.

P.S. I hate fanfics.

The characters

I already introduced the important ones above, but lets go through them again. I’ll discuss the protagonist because the rest would result in a large number of spoilers.

Yashiro Isana

A 17 year old living in a technologically advanced Shizume City (where crime is handled by a bunch of delinquents with super powers), attends the Ashinaka High school. He starts out as this happy go lucky guy who is seemingly friends with everyone (at one point he collects portions of lunch form everyone and prepares himself a near bento). His life does a double take when he is accused to murder and hence begins his adventure towards redeeming his name and finding out the mystery behind the night of bloody murder, of which as a bonus, he has absolutely no memories of. As the series progresses he starts taking things seriously and develops a protective feeling towards his friends. Although people like him, he only has two best friends or clansmen, cat and black (the names sound better in Japanese).

The Soundtrack:

There is hardly any if you ask me. The opening ( KINGS by Angela and Tsumetai Heya Hitori by Mikako Komatsu) remain same throughout the series (there isn’t much space for variety in a 13 ep series) for which I couldn’t be more grateful. There are various insert songs by again Angela and a number of tracks, 20 to be exact (I noticed about 10), as background music which compliment the various scene settings beautifully, But as far as the talking goes, give it a rest people! There isn’t much music during the fighting sequences which I find very odd. They do have music when people are staring at each other before the fighting , which is annoying. I mean just get down to it already!!

Overall, the tracks sound great on my ipod, but I wished there was more during the series itself.

The Animation:

Everything is so……….effing………….blue! I mean I like blue, infact its my favourite colour. But in this series everything is given a certain shade…of sorts. Now I don’t understand the technicalities of computer graphics, but the creators have made sure to give the scene a blue or a red or a white tinge depending on the character on screen. Red for the red king, blue for the blue kings, a deep reddish brown tinge to this particular bar scene where the whole room is decorated in wood colours. All scenes with Yashiro Isana made me think there was mist on my screen. Works well to the give the viewer an ides of the setting and the mood in the series but after a few episodes the white just hurt my eyes. And no , I did check the brightness settings of my laptop.

I am also extremely thankful to the animators for not making the characters extremely skinny and tall, as one would expect right after getting introduced to characters like Mikoto or Kuroh.

GoHands, K Project, Seri Awashima, Neko (K Project), Izumo Kusanagi

Conclusion?………..Should you watch it?………Should you really sit down alone or with a friend , preferably with a pair of sunglasses and spend over 5 hours for this show? (if you are into binge watching )


Taichi’s thinks………………..Yes

*if you are into action shows and don’t mind a little plot coverage from time to time. Don’t go in expecting some giant plot twists. The series is more about story telling than actually progressing with either the story or its characters. Watch for good entertainment.

What do you think?

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